Favignana Per la tua vacanza in Residence a Favignana


The Favignana Island is the largest of the Egadi archipelago, which includes also Levanzo and Marettimo, is located about 7 km from the west coast of Sicily, between Trapani and Marsala

Just visible on the island, you can see the famous Gothic-Renaissance works of Tonnara, once one of the most famous of the Mediterranean.

The island is ideal for those who want to spend a quiet holiday away from it all in the pristine green of its territory protected.Tourist attractions for which the island is famous for, plus a top-class cuisine.

If you want to have the feeling of being in the paradise, if you really want to experience the atmosphere of an island, if you want to try a pang in front of a sea is unique in the world, then FAVIGNANA is absolutely the place to go.

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